Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Web Works: February 13th

Week number 2 of doing this... I think I'm going to dedicate this more to blogs than newspapers. Onward!

This morning, Andrew Stoeten wrote about these tweets he received at DrunkJaysFans.
Interesting, although I think I trust Gavin Floyd's cousin's neighbour more than this guy. 

Also at DJF, Stoeten writes about Roy Halladay saying he wants to retire in Philly, Archi Zuber releases round two of his magnificent Jays valentines day cards(Part 1 if you click here), and they released a podcast.

At BlueBirdBanter, Jared McDonald(formerly of JaysJournal and I believe currently also with JaysProspects) writes that Melky Cabrera is a good player, something we haven't seen in left field for the Jays in what feels like forever.

Kyle Franzoni of JaysJournal throws out the possibility of Moises Sierra being a good alternative to Adam Lind.Ya, I think I'll say no to that one. Seems like first impressions really do last along time.

Sticking with Adam Lind, the BlueJaysHunter wonders if Lind can regain his 2009 form, or close to it. If used correctly, I think Lind might not be so bad. Now Gibby just has to use him correctly.

The BaseballProspectus staff writes about 9 players they think could have breakout years in 2013, one of which, is former Blue Jay Travis Snider....Whatever, we have Dickey! A BP subscription is not required to view this article.

The MLBFanCave released their top 30 today, and one of them is Jays prospect blogger April Whitzman. About time a Jays fan got in!

Shi Davidi writes a Jays notebook of all the things that went on at Jays camp today, including Dustin McGowan's latest injury...You know it's spring, when Dustin McGowan gets shutdown! That page also has Shi's twitter feed, which features great pictures that I'm sure will get you excited for baseball.

Hope you enjoyed the links!

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