Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jays sign DeRosa, Make me look Good...

The best feeling in the world is being right. AA fulfilled my wish/prediction of signing Mark DeRosa to be the 25th man on this 2013 team by agreeing to a 1 year MLB contract worth $750K, with an Anthoption for 2014 at the same value. Sam Dyson was DFA'd to make room for DeRosa on the 40-man. My words on DeRosa from January 10th...

Lastly, Mark DeRosa. He is the best of the 2(in my opinion). At 37, he is getting up in there in years, and has stated that he isn't certain what his future holds for him(although he has also stated he'd prefer to re-sign with the Nats). Throughout his career he has been on base against lefties over 36% of the time, and, in 2012, that number was close to 33%, not so bad for a bench player. He can do everything a utility infielder needs to do, and, once John Gibbons gets fed up with Adam Lind's inability to hit a southpaw, he can be a nice platoon partner with him. He can play basically every position on the diamond(nobody said he can do it well), so defense isn't much of a problem with him either. I like him.
After starting with 15 possible names, I've narrowed it down to 2 players who are a fit for the Blue Jays' 25th roster spot(of course, there are minor league free agents and players signed to teams that I didnt look at). AA said what he wanted, and after that whole process, Mark DeRosa makes the most sense as the utility infielder/platoon partner for Adam Lind in my opinion. 
Basically, Mark DeRosa will play very few games in 2013.He's the 25th man  for a reason. he is a good bat to platoon with Lind if needed, and, theoretically, Gibbons can even play Melky Cabrera in center versus lefties, with DeRosa playing left. This would allow Colby Rasmus to avoid lefties, something he needs to do almost as much as Adam Lind does.

Honestly, for the 25th man, he's great. If he truly is a great "clubhouse guy", who cares how he hits? I know I don't, and I'd gladly pay to see him against lefties rather than Lind or Rasmus. Marginal victories are worth a lot, and DeRosa might just be the guy who gets us some.

The Jays are going to play meaningful games in September, do you actually care if the 25th roster spot is occupied by Mark DeRosa? The answer should be no.

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  1. Concerning a Jays lineup against LHs, I agree about dropping Lind. I'd give Rasmus 6 weeks or so me he can have a decent OBP against them. Lind gets lots of at bats against lefties in Spring Training, just in case the whole world is wrong about his splits. I am more than confident that he will suck big time. Again.
    Given that they both will still have wild splits against LH pitching, I sit them, play Boneface in centre and DH Davis.

  2. It doesn't matter, because I doubt Dyson will be picked up, but I'm surprised that he was the one dropped off the 40 man. Can anyone explain Evan Crawford's spot aside from being left handed and even then he's behind Oliver, Loop, Happ & Delabar (who's splitter makes him functionally a lefty)

  3. That's probably just it. Dyson will make it through, whereas Crawford, being a lefty, might not. AA doesn't like losing players if he doesn't have to