Thursday, January 24, 2013

Budget Fantasy Baseball League

Budget Fantasy Baseball League

Back in 2009, ESPN did a fun project where they asked 4 of their "experts" (Scare quotes included because of Steve Phillips participation) to put together a 25 man roster with just a budget of $40 million.  Below is the link to the fist 5 rounds along with the rules they used.

After seeing this, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to base a fantasy league around, so myself and 7 other people started, and we've run a variant of that league for the past 4 seasons (adjusting budgets according to how many people were included).

Our scoring has changed from year to year from a basic roto league, to one using raw WAR, and some variations in between. Its been scored manually by my co-commissioner (who you can follow @JJJJShabado), and the draft was done in slow online fashion.  Meaning you'd have 8 hours to make your pick, and it would snake back to you.

This year I'd like to expand the league to 12 teams (and maybe more depending on interest), and with likely only 6 of us returning I'm using this blog as a way to garner prospective new owners.
I'm debating the way that the league will be scored this year, right now I'm thinking of doing it 5x5, but with advanced stats, however we could go with the basic WAR route.  All of the details are still up in the air, and will be finalized when the league owners have been confirmed.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in please contact me via email (, and please put "Budget league" in the subject line.  Spots will be limited, and I'm not even sure how many are available to begin with.

For reference, below is a link to the variation that Beyond the Boxscore ran in 2011(not sure if they still are)

Hope to hear from many of you, and whether you are selected or not, I'll contact you to let you know.

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