Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why the Blue Jays Should Sign Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder is currently the number one free agent in the MLB. The Jays have been rumored to be the top contender for his services, although this is probably false. Most of us fans believe the Blue Jays should sign Prince Fielder, but the entire Toronto media has opposite views. The media's reason for not signing Prince, who grew up in Toronto, is because he isn't that much better than Adam Lind. Why should the Jays sign somebody for a lot more money then there current first baseman, when he doesn't produce significantly better numbers. This is a valid reason, unless you understand that the value of having Prince Fielder isn't about his numbers being better than Lind's.

Jose Bautista led the league in Home Runs for the second straight year in 2011, while still being walked over 130 times. The reason why he was walked 132 times in 2011:Pitchers don't care to pitch to Adam Lind with a runner on. Why give Bautista a pitch to hit when you can pitch to a batter who hit under .200 in the second half of the season last year. With Fielder serving as protection for Bautista, his walk numbers will likely go down, giving him more fastballs and pitches in the strike zone. Bautista will be able to hit close to 60 home runs if he has more pitches to swing at, and Fielder can make that happen. With Fielder batting in the four hole, that makes the Jays easily have the best 3-4 combo in the MLB, something that pitchers will have to think about when pitching to the Jays 1 and 2 spots in the lineup. If the Jays get Prince Fielder, that makes Adam Lind expendable, but the Jays could also keep Lind. Lind has the ability to be a Designated Hitter, or a Left Fielder. His ability to play left field is huge if the Jays want to upgrade there pitching situation. I'm not the best at making up trade offers, but here are a few that AA can make if both Eric Thames and Travis Snider don't have jobs on the team. The Jays can also move Snider or Thames to DH, and combine Edwin Encarnacion in a trade package with Snider or Thames. So here are a few possibilities.

1.To the Jays: Matt Garza
Lendy Castillo

To the Cubs: Eric Thames
Edwin Encarnacion
Deck Mcguire

2.To the Jays: Wade Davis

To the Rays: Edwin Encarnacion
Chad Jenkins
Michael Crouse

Again, I am horrible at making trade offers, and knowing if they are fair, so please comment below, on twitter (@bluejaysplus), or on the Bluejaysplus facebook page.

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  1. Nice article Gideon, and with regards to the trade offers the Garza one seems like it wouldn't be enough and the Davis one seems pretty fair