Friday, July 5, 2013

The 5 Names That the Blue Jays Should Go After:

1.       Jose Altuve, 2B, Houston Astros

We all know the Houston Astros are not going anywhere in the next few years and we also know that the Blue Jays desperately need a second baseman as Emilio Bonifacio/ Maicer Izturis has combined for a slash line of .219/ .255/ .323 leading to a grand OPS of .578 which is obviously not acceptable if the Blue Jays want to be a contending team and while Toronto has been linked to Chase Utley as a potential solution, AA probably won’t go after someone that has already been in the public eye for so long and he will likely want to target someone younger and with controllability beyond this year, so Jose Altuve seems like a sleeper that the Jays could pounce on if Houston makes him available.

2.       Hisashi Iwakuma, RHP, Seattle Mariners

       Iwakuma has quietly become one of the best starting pitchers in baseball over the past two seasons compiling an ERA of 2.88 with a sparkling ERA+ of 130 spanning from 2012-now. Another plus could be that we could add (and potentially replace) the awesomeness of the JAPAEEEEZE on our team with Iwakuma alongside fan favourite Munenori Kawasaki. Seattle isn’t going anywhere this year with Texas and Oakland clogged up at the top and the Angels still above them (even if they are the biggest disappointment in baseball to this point in 2013) an with Iwakuma pitching the way he is, Alex Anthopoulos and Co. would take a look at bringing in another Japanese north of the border.

3.       Salvador Perez, C, Kansas City Royals.

While there may be some controversy as to whether the Royals would even consider moving one of    their many young, controllable, high upside players like Perez, that could be a reason for them to do such a thing. The Royals have many young hitters that figure to be a part of the next Royals team (including Sam Gallagher, promising young catcher), even with them trading top prospect Wil Myers along with right hander Jake Odorizzi, southpaw Mike Montgomery and third baseman Patrick Leonard to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for “Big Game” James Shields and Wade Davis. Even with this trade, the Royals still need pitching and a fair amount of it. Ervin Santana has been great and Jeremy Guthrie has been himself, both could be moved as well ahead of the 31st of July if the Royals continue to fall out of contention. Again, this whole scenario is reliant on the Royals becoming big-time sellers and being overwhelmed with an offer for their young catcher, but considering the apparent immaturity Brett Lawrie has taught JPA of late to take zero responsibility for his poor performance, it may be time to move in another direction behind the plate.

4.       Cliff Lee, LHP, Philadelphia Phillies

      The next two are also tough decisions because Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. insists that many of his aging veterans that are past their prime and past helping Philly win another championship are not up for sale with him hoping to squeeze out one more good run from his current core. I am just not sure how much longer you can continue with this mindset if you are Amaro Jr. as you have several assets that helped you a few years ago find postseason success but now are beginning to trend downhill fast which means that if he doesn’t accept that he needs to replenish the youth lost in the Hunter Pence, Roy Oswalt and Roy Halladay deals (among others) then the Phillies could become Yankees 2.0 which wouldn’t make the City of Brotherly Love so loving. Cole Hamels was handed out a huge contract last year and Amaro Jr. seems to believe that him along with 34 year old Cliff Lee can be cornerstones of the next Phillies rotation, but with age creeping up on Lee and the rebuilding or retooling process that is set to take place that is likely going to ta longer than a few more good years of Lee, now could be the time and should be the time to start fresh in Philly.

5.       Chase Utley, 2B, Philadelphia Phillies

      Another Phillie on this list, Utley is a target for the Blue Jays as well as Lee. Could they both come here via trade, sure, although highly unlikely, but Utley is an option that if the Blue Jays are not able to pry Altuve or another younger, more controllable second basemen away from another team, the Blue Jays could pounce on. It is being reported by the fine folks at that if Utley is made available, then Toronto would be one among a few teams interested in the 34 year old second basemen. What could end up happening is something similar to the R.A. Dickey trade where a deal is made but not complete until the player that the Blue Jays are receiving signs an extension to ensure more than a two month or one year rental. With a slash line of .282/ .349./ .521 leading to an OPS of .870 which is more than 300 points higher than the Blue Jays’ current second basemen, who also happen to own the worst offensive production in the league. This seems to be a good fit, but in order for this to work, the Blue Jays need to get back into contention because if Utley is traded to Toronto and then walks in Free Agency, we don’t even receive draft pick compensation for him as he was traded midway through the season.
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