Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jays Extend Their Starting Catcher

Mathis catching in Tropicana Field
 last week vs. the Rays.
That headline got you excited, didn't it? Too bad the Jays starting catcher right now is Jeff Mathis. The Blue Jays announced earlier this evening that they had signed Mathis to a 2-year $3 million contract with an Anthoption(Club Option) in 2015 for $1.5 million. This is still a pretty big move because it gives us a whole lot of possible options to think about for the catching jobs in 2013. Since Mathis' job is now set in stone, we can assume one of JP Arencibia or Travis d'Arnaud will be moved this off-season. Here are a few possible situations next year when it comes to the backstops.
1. JPA Traded, d'Arnaud Starting, Mathis Backup
This seems like the most likely case as it improves the team all around and if JPA is packaged with one of the Lansing 3 and some fillers, he could bring back a pretty good pitcher. AA has said outright that he is going to acquire a pitcher or two this off-season, so that statement gives this possibility more steam than the others. The big question is whether or not the Blue Jays #1 prospect will be ready for 2013 because he tore his PCL this season, and has been shut down. But the latest we have heard about d'Arnaud is that he will make up for lost time playing in the Arizona Fall League later this year, and should be ready for April 2013.

2. JPA Starting Catcher, d'Arnaud Starting DH, Mathis Backup C
You don't like this. I don't like this. Rogers loves this! AA has been brainwashed to love it. Instead of spending money on David Ortiz or another DH, Rogers could conveniently pay those 4 players less than $3 million for 2013, and still think they get good production. AA said during tonight's game that this case has potential for next season, but I don't see it. My first problem with it is that JPA brings back a pitcher if traded, and Ortiz would love to play in Toronto with his best friend Jose Bautista, and another close friend, Edwin Encarnacion. My second problem is that if you do have these 3 catchers, why not have d'Arnaud,the better defender, play catcher, and JPA DH. You are getting the same offense, but improving the defense. Just makes more sense in my mind. What do you guys think?

3. JPA Starting, Mathis Backup, Travis d'Arnaud starting in AAA
Please no.

4.d'Arnaud Traded, JPA Starting, Mathis Backup
If it brings back Stephen Strasburg,Clayton Kershaw, or Felix Hernandez(Or other players of that caliber), then I'm fine with it. Otherwise, NO!(Mike Trout as well)

Well that basically sums them all up. If I missed any, I'm distracted by watching the Jays game right now, so it isn't my fault.

Which situation do you prefer? Leave a comment in the section below and we could discuss, I really want to know what others think about this.

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