Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 MLB Preview & Predictions

With North American Opening day for the MLB just two days away, it's time for my annual predictions. So, after an off-season which saw heavy hitters run from the NL Central to fortify the American League, and the Marlins spend a huge chunk of change, the question becomes, who will win the 2012 World Series? Will it be the powerful Tigers, or the reloaded Yankees? Will it be a team that comes from the best rivalry in the game now, Rangers-Angels, or will the champion come from the ever so challenging NL East? All I know is that with the 5th playoff team added to each league, the races just got a whole lot crazier!
*The win-loss records were voted on by the staff here at BlueJaysPlus, but the playoff scenarios are my predictions.
AL East
New York (AL) 97-65
Tampa Bay 93-69
Boston 89-73
Toronto 86-76
Baltimore 68-94
AL Central
Detroit 99-63
Kansas City 82-80
Chicago (AL) 82-80
Cleveland 81-81
Minnesota 75-87
AL West
Los Angeles (AL) 98-64
Texas 98-64
Seattle 74-88
Oakland 67-95
NL East
Philadelphia 95-67
Miami 88-74
Atlanta 88-74
Washington 81-81
New York (NL) 73-89
NL Central
Cincinnati 88-74
St. Louis 86-76
Milwaukee 85-77
Pittsburgh 76-86
Chicago (NL) 71-91
Houston 60-102
NL West
Arizona 92-70
San Francisco 86-76
Colorado 85-77
Los Angeles 78-84
San Diego 73-89

Post-season Predictions

AL Wild Card Game- Texas defeats Boston
ALDS1- Detroit over Texas 3-1
ALDS2- Los Angeles (AL) over New York (AL) 3-0
ALCS- Los Angeles (AL) over Detroit 4-2

NL Wild Card Game- Miami defeats Atlanta
NLDS1- Philadelphia over Cincinnati 3-0
NLDS2- Miami over Arizona 3-2
NLCS- Philadelphia over Miami 4-1

2012 World Series

Los Angeles Angels defeat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-3 to win the 2012 World Series!!

I have the Angels over the Phillies in the World Series, who do you have? Comment below to share your predictions and thought on how the 2012 season will play out!

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