Monday, January 2, 2012

Is Kenny Williams on AA's Speed Dial?

Jason Frasor is coming back. Frasor was traded back to the Jays on Sunday for two minor league pitchers. The all time leader in relief apperances for the Jays, Frasor was trdaded to the White Sox in July, which was part of the trade that sent Colby Rasmus to Toronto from St. Louis. The two minor league pitchers that were sent to the Sox were Myles Jaye and Daniel Webb. This is AA's third trade with Kenny Williams, the GM of the White Sox, since July 27th, when Frasor was originally traded. The second trade occured last month, when the Jays sent pitching prospect nestor Molina to Chicago for Closer Sergio Santos.

Before being traded to the Sox in July, Frasor had a sub 3.00 ERA, but stuggled in Chicgao, as he posted a 5.09 ERA with a WHIP of 1.755. Jaye pitched in Bluefield last season while posting a 3.22 ERA, with 49 K's in 54.0 innings. Webb piched in Bluefield and in Lansing in 2011, and put up horrific numbers. He had an ERA of 5.48, and allowed 14.2 baserunners per 9 innings.

This is yet another relief pitcher added to the mix in the Toronto bullpen, which was absolutley horrible last season. AA picked up Darren Oliver off of the free agent market last week, traded for Santos last month, and now has gotten Frasor back. Don't be surprised if the Jays new revamped bullpen is in the top 5 in the MLB next season, because it is made up of 7 pitchers that mesh perfectly. This was an amazing trade for the Jays, and this is what the I believe the bullpen would look like, if Opening Day was today.

Sergio Santos
Darren Oliver
Casey Janssen
Jason Frasor
Joel Carreno
Carlos Villanueva
Jesse Litsch

This was yet another acquisition made by AA, that nobody saw coming. Frasor, along with Oliver, Janssen, and maybe Carreno, will likely all act as setup men for Sergio Santos.

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  1. Good to know that KW isn't gun shy towards trades with the Blue Jays after what went down with Alex Rios. Though, I think that might've been a J.P. Ricciardi trade, not a AA trade.

  2. That was a waiver claim, so J.P just had to let them claim him, and the White Sox had control of him and had to pay his salary.