Monday, November 14, 2011

Closing the Gap From Within

With the Jays in desperate need of a closer, and the consistency of the Blue Jays ownership saying that they won't waste money on something the team doesn't need, the question needs to be asked if there are any suitable candidates on the Jays roster. There are a few options that could fill the role, but I am just going to look at Joel Carreno today.
Last August a starting pitcher for the Las Vegas 51's was called up to pitch in the bullpen for the Toronto Blue Jays. Joel Carreno was put into the pen, and never looked back.His stats after he was called up were ridiculous, yet he got no attention from anybody. Joel had a WHIP of .957, and a ERA of 1.15. His greatest stat from last year in my mind was his ERA+. An average ERA+ is 100, Carreno's 2011 Major League ERA+ was 378,a silly number. There are only two problems that make his stats faulty. The first is that he only pitched in 11 games, with 15.2 innings pitched, and the second is that he didn't pitch in high leverage situations. His aLI, which measures how high a leverage of a situation he pitches in was only .3, with a normal leverage situation being 1.0. So given that he didnt pitch in high leverage situations very much, is he a good fit for the Toronto Blue Jays closing roll in 2012 and beyond?

Carreno is a great middle reliever and spot starter, but would he be able to face the pressure of pitching in the ninth inning?I still think that Casey Janssen is the best player fit for the job who is currently with the Blue Jays, but the possibility remains that AA signs a closer, or pulls off a trade for one.

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