Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Blue Jay Killer

Everybody can blame the Jays not contending for the playoffs on any stat they want, but I'm in the mood to blame it on the "Blown Save". The Blue Jays had 25 blown saves this season, in only 58 opportunities, that's 43%, a sad number. Imagine being a manager and thinking, there is almost a 1 in 2 chance that my team's lead is not safe.If the Jays only had 15 blown saves this season, and they won the 10 games that they didn't blow the save in, they're tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for the AL Wild Card, and who knows what could have happened. I'm not saying that the alternate reality would have the Jays in the playoffs, but they would be so much closer then 10 games out if they didn't blow as many saves as they did.Now lets take a look at the blown save number for the 8 playoff teams,and the Red Sox, because they deserved to be in the playoffs for 4 months of the seasson

NYY: 16 BS
TB: 12 BS
DET: 10 BS
TEX: 19 BS
MIL: 19 BS
STL: 26 BS
ARI: 13 BS
BOS: 16 BS

Of those 9 teams, only one, the NL Champion Cardinals have more blown saves than the Jays. It comes to prove one thing, Blown Saves will kill you, or get you into the World Series.

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