Monday, August 8, 2011

Week in Review- Dunedin Blue Jays (A+)

August 1st to 7th

Record: 3-3

2nd Half Record: 22-21 T-2nd place, 2.0 games back of first

Overall Record: 61-52

Statistical Summary:
In the three wins that the Jays had this week, they outscored their opponents 29-5, yes a margin of 24 runs. But the best news from the week isn’t how amazing their offence performed, scoring 47 runs during the 6 games that they played, it was the pitchers only allowing 5 runs in the Jays 3 wins, an era of 1.85. If it was three weeks ago, the number wouldn’t surprise me because the Jays lost there two best pitchers, Deck McGuire and Chad Jenkins when they were called up to New Hampshire, but instead of having 4 aces, they only have 2 now. Although they lost two great pitchers, the “Baby Jays” still have Nestor Molina, and Drew Hutchison to help them make one last push for the playoffs in August.

Games Summary:
The Jays split 6 games this week going 3-3, but two of those losses came with walk-off victories for their opponents, so overall you have to say it was a good week because if a little bit more luck was on the Jays’ side, then we are looking at a 5-1 week, and the Jays would have been a lot closer to the playoffs.

Player of the Week:
Brian Van Kirk: 8-23 (.347) 6 R’s,1 2B,2 HR’s,10 RBI’s,3 BB’s

Pitcher of the Week:
Ryan Tepera: 7 I.P, 4 H, 0 R, 0 ER,1 BB, 7K, HR 0.00 ERA, 0.71 WHIP

Rehab News:
RHP Dustin McGowan pitched his final game in Dunedin on Friday night, and he was terrific. McGowan threw 3 shutout innings, giving up 2 hits. The 29 year old pitcher is recovering from multiple surgeries to his shoulder, and will be making his next rehab start in New Hampshire this week. The flamethrower McGowan is regaining his velocity, which seemed to be returning as he struck out 4 while only walking 1 in what might be one of his final starts before coming back to Toronto. McGowan hasn’t pitched in the MLB since 2008.

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