Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Roster Moves, Delgado Retires

After David Purcey couldn't find the strike zone again on Monday night, he was designated for assignment. That means he needs to be traded, released, or get put on waivers in the next 10 days. AA said he believes he can trade him, but I think the best trade he will be able to get is a PTBNL or a bench player. Purcey also might be an add on to a possible Juan Rivera trade, or Edwin Encarnacion trade. Brad Mills was called up to replace Purcey in the bullpen.Mills didn't get to make an appearance as on Wednesday night he was sent back down, while Luis Perez, the left handed pitcher was called up to replace him. The Jays enter a four gamer with the Red Sox, so they are going with a 8 man bullpen and 3 man bench because of the 14 inning game on Saturday night that tired there bullpen.
Rajai Davis was put on the DL on Tuesday, and Casey Jannsen was recalled, just 4 days after he was sent to down to Las Vegas.

The Jays have the most scouts in the MLB, and have the 4th best farm system.That is very good, and that is why TWIB is doing this weeks show on the Jays.The way the Jays get most of there prospects is via the draft, and they wont be short of high round picks this year, once again. The Jays have 7 picks in the top 80 this year, but don't get there first round pick until 21st. Pittsburgh will have the first pick in the draft this year, and hopefully they dont waste it again (Brian Bullington).
Former Blue Jay Carlos Delgado announced his retirement yesterday, and will be eligible for the Hall in 2016. Delgado is the Jays leader in a lot of categories, such as home runs and rbi's.
Poll results come out tommorw, but right now Brett Lawrie looks like the best prospect in the Jays minor league system.

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